Who is Total gaming, Real face reveal, Income, Free fire Id


Who is Total gaming?

If you don't know who is Total gaming he is a famous gaming YouTuber having more than 10.1 million subscribers. He streams games mainly free fire or Human fall flat. He is the only YouTuber I think so who does not reveal his face even in 10.1 million subscribers.

Total gaming face reveal

Total gaming face reveal

On the Internet there are so many photos viral in the name of total gaming but it is not true. Nobody knows the real face of total gaming because he is not revealing. But this photo can be real because there is some event in the goa of free fire.

Many big famous free fire streamers attended that Total gaming also come on that event. Youtubers like desi gamers who have 4 million subscribers and very close friend of Total gaming know his real face.

Total gaming face reveal

Total gaming Id in free fire

You may call him the biggest streamer of free fire because his watching when he lives goes from 0 to 100k means 100k average watching when he do live streaming. 

With an average 100k likes of his streaming, it is easy because if you have 10.1 million subscribers than 100k to 200k like is easy target.

ID in FREE FIRE: ajjubhai94

It is a famous username with also so many fake accounts like ajjubhai945 or ajjubhai9465 try to right user name. 

If this id is having all elite pass with permanent gun skins than this is real id. 

Total gaming face reveal

Total gaming Free fire ID price 

He had purchased all elite passes from 1 to current elite pass first elite pass of free fire was Hip hop bundle. If you playing free fire from season 1 then your free fire level must be 70.

Talking about the value or price of his free fire id than more than 5 lakhs because he have all elite pass, gun skins, characters etc.

Total gaming Income Revealed

If you are one of his subscribers and you are curious to know the income of ajjubhai then you should know that he is having more than 10.1 million subscribers. 

or we can say he is having 1 crore subscribers.

Download free fire playstore: Free fire

There are so many ways he can earn money :

1. Youtube 10.1 million subscribers
2. Affiliate marketing
3. Instagram
4. Free fire streaming platform (Nimo tv) Paid
5. Free fire partner program
6. Superchat on live streams
7. Brands promotion Youtube

In simple words, if we say the net worth of total gaming is more than 2.2 crores.

1. Youtube 10.1 million subscribers

Youtube also gives decent money if you have large fan base and it is easy for you to earn money on youtube. How youtube works you have seen ads while watching his videos and some time you click on that ad.

So he earn when his subscribers Click on ads but you can't say to click it is against policy.

2. Affiliate marketing

You have read this word before but because of this many are earning more than 5 lakhs per month.

 Many YouTuber gives the links of his mic, gaming setup, cpu, mouse, keyboards link and when someone buys from his link he hets commission.

3. Superchat on live streams

Youtube gives another feature for live streamers is to enable super chat. In Superchat you can give him money from Rs 40/- to Rs 10,000/- with highlighted texts. Many times he had received 10k super chats.

4. Instagram

He also has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. And we know that Instagram also gives a decent amount of money for promoting brands. 

Paid promotions.

5. Brands promotion Youtube

Youtube is the hub of all brands and promotions these big YouTubers also give emails for brand collabs. These big brands give free products with money for promotions.

6. Free fire streaming platform (Nimo tv) Paid

Streaming of games on other platforms like Nimotv etc they give money on hrs only for big YouTubers.
They also make money and also grow the audience from other platforms.

7. Free fire partner programs

The free fire also gives money to their streamers also they give free exclusive items like Rare gun skins, Gun skin code for subscribers, Custom cards, etc. 

They can even contact-free fire official moderators.

Controversies with Gyan gaming

Well,recently they had a big fight between Total gaming and Gyan gaming those who don't know who is gyan gaming he is also a big gaming YouTuber having more than 3.45 million subscribers.

They had a big fight because of their audience when these YouTubers do live streams their fans trolled him at the level.

And its kept repeating day by day so they started abusing each other. 

Real name and country Total gaming

Those who thinks that he is Indian then they are wrong he is not from India but have huge fan base from here. He is from Nepal and famous youtuber in Nepal.

Real name of Total gaming is ajju bhai every youtuber or subscribers call him ajju bhai.

Total gaming face reveal


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